Reasons: (Wedding) The Little Things

I’ve been complaining to friends and family recently that, while I have really enjoyed the wedding planning process (including being able to incorporate a lot of my project management expertise in order to pull a lot of it off ourselves), it’s the long list of little things that I’ve forgotten about until later than I would’ve liked that have been getting to me.

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So, I’ve compiled a little list of them. Stuff I never thought about at the beginning, but are probably very obvious to many people. Just in case they aren’t, though, hopefully this list will help someone!

  1. Non-alcoholic drinks. Some people don’t drink! I’d spent ages thinking about wine and beer and cocktails, no one thought about water until I saw it written down on our event manager’s questionnaire.
  2. Accessories. I just got my pocket square for my suit today. Lots of this stuff came in little pieces – I got a pocket watch from Charles’ dad, and a tartan tie in the colours of my Dad’s mother’s clan. I’m wondering now whether my fiancé has considered this sort of thing, or if he’ll even care about a pocket square! But to me, it was these things that made my suit pop, and I thought about them late in the day.
  3. Stationary, including an A1 piece of card for the table plan, a “recommended cocktails” menu for the bar, menus for the table… I thought about table cards and place cards, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find A1 card without paying through the nose! Then there’s having to design what it’ll look like…
  4. On a more general point, and this cannot be emphasised enough: DIY takes longer than you think it will. MUCH longer. And it’s hard to keep a lid on. Once you start doing bits and pieces it’s really hard to stop!!
  5. Playlists! We haven’t done ours yet – there is time, but something that requires a bit of thought and time together to think about!
  6. Speeches… we totally forgot about these and only remembered recently. Probably won’t take long to write, but another thing that popped into our heads quite late on.
  7. Someone will want to know – usually the venue manager and caterer – exactly what’s happening for the whole day. I had a rough day-of timeline, but had to go into much more detail!! And make sure you’re gathering all the vendors’ mobile phone numbers in one place. I didn’t. Don’t be like me.
  8. Make a list of what needs transporting to your venue so you don’t forget – and what you still need to get but can’t until closer to the time. I can’t stop thinking about this one!!
  9. Allow more time and patience than usual to have awkward conversations about money, family troubles, preferences, and worries than you normally would, particularly in the last 3 months leading up to the day.
  10. Allow more time and patience for dealing with vendors and everyone involved – suddenly everyone wants to reconfirm everything, which is a perfectly reasonable ask, but when you have wed head, you just want everyone to let you be!!



  1. I agree on the DIY thing! Once you really start it, it becomes quite difficult to stop yourself. Haha. I got married last year and we had lots of DIYs! A bit crazy but we made pillows as souvenirs and styling props. 170pcs.

    True enough there are a lot of little things that can easily be forgotten when it comes to weddings. Love your list! ❤️

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    • Thanks! 🙂 So true! Once I’m back from our honeymoon I’ll post some examples of the things I put myself through – and hopefully not at the expense of the things I really needed (but was forgetting)!

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