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Blog twice a week using at least 600 words of creative writing

Green! I thought it was going to be an Amber rating this month, but through some intense labour I’ve managed to pull it back together! I really do enjoy doing this and even though it often feels like a chore trying to get started, once I’m off and I have my cello or piano music in the background, my coffee or mate (Argentinian herbal caffeinated tea, for those who weren’t sure) and my working station set up just right, I often realise I could keep going a lot longer than I allow myself to. But perhaps it’s best that way – stop before you’re fed up of it and you’ll always crave more… I’m still considering training to be a celebrant, but this’ll obviously hold until after I get back.

Gym at least 4 times a week

Green! And success on my last month – I lost two whole percentage points of fat, down to 13.6%! If I can get in one more check-in before I go up to Scotland, I’m going to set myself the difficult target of 13%!

Read a book a month

Amber/Green… I’ve made a cautious start with Children of Time (which I am enjoying, great suggestion!), but this is one of two plates I’ve let wobble this month. I can pull it back, if I do some dedicated reading (it’ll take reading about 60 pages a day to succeed) but if I don’t quite manage it it’s not the end of the world; I can catch up in June!

Learn at least 800 kanji by 21 June

Red. I’ve had to reduce my expectation for this one, because I have become stuck on some through not practicing every day. I let the reviews build up to nearly 500 and so I lost a whole week just trying to claw back fragile knowledge. So I’ve taken this down to 750, and we’ll see if it needs to come down any further. However, that’s still a real achievement and is significantly more than the ~450 I had at the start of the year.

Moderate my alcohol intake

Amber/Green! I still drink now and then, but I’ve managed to curb my mid-week cravings and I’m much more restrained. Some of this is helped by the company I’ve been keeping recently – there’s a lesson in this as I’m quite the social drinker.

Learn one new song on the piano

Amber. After the wedding!

Enjoy the wedding planning process!

Green! Things are back on track and the list is getting shorter again! I still keep thinking of extra things that need doing but I’m setting sensible goals and asking my fiancé for help and input. I’m still doing most of it myself (circumstantially this really is the only way) but there’s only about 12 things left to do and most of them are quite quick things!

Get qualified in AgilePM and think about next steps

Green! I passed my exam, and I’ve started looking at my options! I’m looking at Grade 6 (advantages: more money, more responsibility), other “Head of” roles in Project/Product management outside the Civil Service (advantages: maybe more money, maybe more responsibility, more aligned to values), and possible multi-careering it (advantages: more variety, more aligned to values).

Overall: Amber/Green

Keep on truckin’.


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