Reasons: Wedding drinks

As those of you who’ve been following me for some time (or those who have chosen to delve into my historical recesses, you saucy minxes) will know, we made our own beer for our upcoming wedding.

I’ve also devised a couple of cocktails for the event, which I present to you here. While our theme is travel, bees and bunnies, we decided these should reflect our past, present and future together.


On the left:

Legacies: me

25ml Angostura 1919 Rum, hailing from Trinidad, this symbolises my mum and by extension, my parents who dedicated so much of their time, energy and money to making me who I am today.
25ml St. Germain, representing the Anglo-French connection: my adoption and therefore my birth family, in particular my birth grandparents who could not attend; my grandfather having died last year.
Few drops rose water, representing England and Iran, which is coursing through my veins on some level, an unknown quantity.
75ml Tonic water.

Sweet, floral, and hypnotic.

On the right:

Sloegroni: my fiancé

25ml Single malt whisky, preferably a peaty Islay (I used Bowmore here, but his preference would be Laphroaig). This represents his out-and-out Scottish heritage. It also replaces the vermouth, making this a fair but punchier and flavourful than your run-of-the-mill negroni.
25ml Campari, symbolic of his love of travel and languages, complex flavours, and bold colours.
25ml Sloe gin, which adds a sweetness, a playfulness, and a depth of hue to the red in the Campari.

Bittersweet, playful, and ironic.

After all that, anyone fancy hiring me as a mixologist or copywriter? *laughs, plainly only half-joking*


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