Reasons: The Map

So I spend quite a lot of time thinking about the future and what I do overall. I wrote last time about hobbies and personal time in the context of capacity. This time my mind is on the prioritisation. Some things that I do are more clearly hobbies than others.

Learning Japanese, for example, is something I really enjoy. I find the kanji (Chinese characters) and alphabets really interesting, and as a way of thinking (for example, it’s so interesting to see words like ‘vanity’ be made up of the characters for ‘void’, ‘self’ and ‘love’). But I don’t see an easy way to make money from it. There are ways, as a civil servant, to get postings in Japan, but the work would likely be uninteresting and require me to learn a lot of specific language to understand the area. Other avenues I’ve considered all lead to the same conclusion.

On the other hand, having done acting and project management means I’ve developed certain entrepreneurial and presentational skills. I am considering, for example, training as a wedding and funeral celebrant. I’m a good listener and really like relating to people – it is always the aspect of work I find the most rewarding.

I also thought about furthering my project management skills. Perhaps I continue in the civil service as one, or perhaps I don’t – and find something more personal to work on.

So I made a map. I first did this with my birth mum some years ago when I was having trouble knowing what to do. There are downsides to each path – and advantages. Some changes are smaller, others more extreme. I could quit my job, cut down my hours, work on getting promoted, find new work, or completely change careers.


Some paths lead to unknowns, others are more certain. Some are riskier, others safer. Over time I will decorate each path – some will be paved with gold, others flowers, some will have traps, or cute animals, or scary monsters. Some might have toll booths, that cost time, or money, but never my soul. Those, now, I’ve decided, will be represented by impasses.

These routes should only show what I’m considering. That is, what I’m willing to do. Of course, there are considerations outside of this. If I choose to take a pay cut, I won’t be buying a house any time soon (ha ha).

Could be that I post again on this in the future, when things have settled from the wedding, and see whether the version I make then looks the same.

If you’re feeling stuck, I really recommend doing this. It makes me want to research more the unknowns. What are the financial costs? The time costs? The other rewards that don’t have numbers, but matter more than the rest (to some people, but specifically me)?

Over and out.


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