Reasons: April Resolve

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A little late, but here we go:

Blog twice a week using at least 600 words of creative writing

Green! I’m still on track despite everything else, so I’m super impressed with my efforts here. I love writing creatively, and I’m hoping it’ll lead to more flexible and varied money-making opportunities. I’m looking into training to be a celebrant for one thing, and if I’m successful, I’m planning to reduce my hours at work.

Gym at least 4 times a week

Green! We’re back to 15.6%, and despite a back injury (damn those kettlebells) that’s positive progress! Hoping for a sub 15% for the next check in for mid-May!

Read a book a month

Green! I’m about to finish my April commitment, “Lost Japan” by Alan Kerr. Written in 1993 and republished in 2013, it’s a bit dated but still a very insightful look into Japan’s soul, and many observations marry with my own. Looking forward to getting back to the world of fiction though, with Children of Time – a lender from Mr. Foxcroft (who plays the role of my sci-fi culture guru) – to get through in May.

Learn at least 800 kanji by 21 June

Amber/Red… Hum, perhaps a few days behind on this one but not completely impossible to catch up; 557 now but I’m 10 days late and I’d need to be much more on the ball with my reviews to get there now. However, if it’s 780 and not 800 I won’t lose too much sleep.

I need 687 by 20 May to stay on target.

Moderate my alcohol intake

Amber. If there’s a reason for missing my fitness goals for the wedding, it’ll be the sauce. Sadly it’s felt a bit necessary lately, but I am going to keep trying and cut down, and I’ve been more successful in the week.

Learn one new song on the piano

Amber. After the wedding!

Enjoy the wedding planning process!

Amber/Green. Despite a mini panic which mostly involved realising half our guests hadn’t replied (seriously, people!) we’ve mostly enjoyed the process. The biggest stresses have involved trying to make it fit around our busy work schedules, and the Easter weekend has really helped with that – we really needed a couple of days to get everything back on track and start looking forward to it all!

Get qualified in AgilePM and think about next steps

Hoping I pass, but I thought that this isn’t a real goal! I’m not all that happy in government. I’ve certainly done my time to realise that: the benefits of working as flexibly as I do are beginning to fade against the knowledge that I do not work on projects that mirror my values. While the things I have worked on are important, I don’t believe in a single one of the three areas I’ve worked on. I am at best neutral towards nationalised testing at key stage 2 (schools and parents should share the blame here as to why children are upset – stop making a big deal about it and they won’t, it’s literally an instrument and should be no more painful than going for a checkup), I am against non-autonomous cars (driving turns sensible humans into aggressive dickheads) and while I’m for the Northern Irish people having electricity I’m against having to provide assurance that it’ll all be fine even though Brexit is a thing. So it’s time again soon to think about what’s next. But that can wait until July… so Amber/Green for now!

Overall: Amber/Green



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