Reasons: March Resolve

Here’s my update on my New Year’s Resolutions – #beaccountable #yolo

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Blog twice a week using at least 600 words of creative writing.

February sucked for me. It was truly horrible. But my writing has remained a bedrock of focus and a window of escape to somewhere else (even if the places I write about aren’t always desirable!). 600 has remained a minimum so I’m happy to say this stays green!

Gym three at least four times a week.

I’m upgrading this one, because despite my efforts, I’ve lost weight but put fat back on (15.4% to 16.4%) this month. True, I had a birthday (so there was more drinking and eating that normal) but it’s time to put that behind and carry on. So, green, but I’m making a small change this month and we’ll see how I go. I also need to take more care in the gym – I tried to do a dumbbell chest press and in the process of getting into position, dropped a 16kg dumbbell on my face…

So, new schedule is: 1x bikram yoga (1h), 2x circuits (30m), 1-2x full body (1h) per week.

Read a book a month.

This is back on track (green!)- I caught up with my February book. Next week, prepare for my quarterly Book Review! So far I’ve read:

January: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared (Jonas Jonasson)
February: Bonfire (Krysten Ritter)
March: Friday Black (Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah) (50% finished)

Next on the list are:
April: Lost Japan (Alex Kerr) – 236pp.
May: The History of Bees (Maja Lunde) – 337pp.
June: (something short – ideas welcomed!)
July: The Complete Cosmicomics (Italo Calvino) – 402pp.

Learn at least 800 kanji by 21 June.

Amber: Wanikani is telling me that I currently know 424. Again, in reality I know several more than this because I’ve now studied nearly 480 using the textbook we use in class. I’ve added a date in to the goal, as that’s the day before our wedding (and a few days before we fly out) so it makes sense for me to pause learning there and reinforce what I already know while we’re on our honeymoon so I can enjoy practicing what I’ve learned!

One extra stress is that I’m not able to take the full set of Japanese classes after Easter, as I won’t be around. Is it worth paying for a 10-week course if you already know you can’t do a third of it?

To get this back on track to green, I need to start meeting the following deadlines:
13 April: 557
17 May: 687
20 June: 812. Let’s see how I do!

Moderate my alcohol intake.

Amber/Red. I continued to overindulge in early March. Things didn’t really improve, plus my birthday weekend meant quite a bit of heavy drinking. I’m now cutting all alcohol to just two nights a week (Tuesdays and Friday or Saturday). This should also help my gym performance and body fat %.

Learn one new song on the piano.

Amber. No change – I still haven’t started this yet, but I’m waiting until July/August when I have some space from wedding and kanji practice!

Enjoy the wedding planning process!

I added this one last time – I think I’m starting to get there – there are still a few things I’m concerned about, mostly regarding getting people to come (we’ve had a low response rate so far, but apparently this is totally normal) – I’m just worried that if people leave it late they won’t show because it gets expensive and difficult to find accommodation and travel. We’ll go with Amber/Green.

Overall: 3 Green ¦ 1 Amber/Green ¦ 2 Amber ¦ 1 Amber/Red ¦ 0 Red
Score: 20/28 Amber/Green

So overall some things are better, others worse! I did manage to get myself onto a project management qualification course, so I’ll be learning Agile PM in May and I can add that to my list:

Get qualified in Agile PM!



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