Reasons: Onwards to marriage!

So the wedding – our wedding – is approaching fast. My website tells me it’s less than 105 days away now, which is well under half of the number of days we had when planning started in earnest.

I’m still using copious spreadsheets, but things are coming along. I don’t want to give away too many images at this point, because I feel some things should be kept secret until the day, but let me say the most stressful parts have been the DIY projects that I’ve wanted to keep to make the day our own.

My fiancé and I are unique, just like every other couple. We’ve been lucky to have supportive family members, in every respect. But of course, we – I!! – have done the lion’s share of the grunt work, whether that’s shortlisting suppliers or making payments, checking up on progress, arranging deliveries, booking rentals, booking the honeymoon, or actually DIYing some of the wedding components!

Here are some top 5s, just for interest.

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Top 5 favourite wedding tasks

5. Our wine tasting day! Who wouldn’t love doing this. The only thing that stopped this from going higher was leaving the shop having paid a lot of money for the booze and then later being unclear as to whether it would be okay when the shop moved, and that we hadn’t paid correctly because the discount seemed to be larger than we were quoted. I’m due a phone call with the new shop soon to ease my mind but the tasting itself was great fun!
4. Meeting our florist was a lovely, relaxing experience. They were very happy to accommodate our preferences and I loved being able to talk enthusiastically about aesthetics and colours.
3. Designing our cake with our baker has been a real joy. For anyone who’s watched ‘Grace & Frankie’ I am very much on Frankie’s side in season 5 when she bakes the really fun cake-yata. No further comments… yet!
2. Having a fully bespoke suit fitted has been a real journey and I’m so happy I’m doing it. I’m looking forward to collecting it very soon and the whole process has been a lot of fun.
1. Taking a step back, going out for a pint with the fiancé, and making a ton of decisions about the minutiae of the wedding – and then realising we agree on everything, reminds me how much I know we can work so well together.

Top 5 most hated wedding tasks

5. Brewing our beer. At the beginning, I really loved doing this, but I cannot explain just how real the truism that, once something becomes mandatory, it loses half its joy. At the end, I was just glad not to have to do it again. The hardest part was carrying it all home.
4. Printing the invitations – and then realising I’d put the wrong name for Charles’ sister because she changed her name when she married – then having to do it again because mistakes are unacceptable!! (At least, they are when you’ve still got 3-4 months left…)
3. Having to go to Edinburgh at Easter because we need an appointment with the registrar in Midlothian to arrange a wedding schedule, and unearthing all the arbitrary documentation for it.
2. Having to ask the guests we have staying on site for money to cover them. We knew we’d be doing this from the start, but I’ve not enjoyed nagging them for the money.
1. Realising that costs are often not what they seem because VAT is often marked separately – and whichever way tax is numbered, watching your bank balance struggle to cope with the added expenditure.

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Top 5 things I’m looking forward to for our big day

5. The ceremony, which involves as many people as we could get involved, and has so many beautiful and heartfelt traditions weaved into it, with thanks to our celebrant.
4. The cake!!!
3. Watching people play our table games…
2. The ceilidh!!!
1. Being surrounded by 80 people I love and cherish more than anything else in the world for most of a day.

Top 5 things I’m still worrying about – and will probably worry about until the day is out

5. The band plays shit music…
4. Driving a rental car to Edinburgh from London, and picking up all the booze on the way!
3. That people won’t show up, or will back out!
2. That the beer will go off between now and the wedding! It cost us hundreds of pounds and hours of work to prepare the beer, so I really hope it holds up. And if it doesn’t, well I guess that’s a funny story no one will forget…
1. That people won’t have a good time!


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