Reasons: Organisation

My life for the first half of this year will prove to be a true test of my organisational skills. Below is a screenshot of a (zoomed out) version of my life for the next 6 weeks (of course the locations aren’t included but a committed stalker could find me…).

Due warning, I’ve shown this to a few people and it’s made their eyes pop out of their heads. I’m not qualified to put them back in for you.


I think the above is pretty sensible, but others may disagree. It still doesn’t include some of the things I ‘need’ to do – an example of which is my new years’ resolution to read a book every month. I’m hoping to do that flavour of activity in the ‘rest’ periods. And look, whole days where there’s nothing! (Okay, two. And they’ll probably end up having something.)

This is the hardest part for me, for a number of reasons:

  1. Wedding projects. I’m trying to complete the ‘DIY’ bits of our wedding, including the homemade beer (which is taking the most time because we want to get out before having to pay too much in membership fees) and designing our table games, which takes up time. Interspersed with all this, we’re at the point of booking honeymoon flights and accommodation over the next month or so, and choosing readers and readings for our ceremony. It’s all go on wedding island.
  2. Classes. My classes have started up again, which currently include Japanese, Improv comedy, and the gym. In total, these work out to 7-8 hours per week, plus another hour or so of homework.
  3. Winter. Days are still short and it’s dark and cold. Travelling anywhere is a sweaty, frustrating affair, whether by bicycle or otherwise.

So where for many folks seeing how much I’m doing, organisation is getting me through. Of course, being so ‘at capacity’ all the time means I don’t have a lot of tolerance for when things go wrong. Like when a company’s bookings system goes wrong and they overbook and tell you they have to cancel your appointment.

So fingers crossed when we get to the end of the 6-week period shown above, it’ll all be a bit calmer and a lot more completed!

Wish me luck!


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