Reasons: 2018: A celebration

We’ve come to the end of the year and at these times I like to look back and check in on the successes I’ve had this year. Things I’ve accomplished and what-not.

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  • Mini-promotion! A bit of line management and an ‘office’ to head up, so that’s exciting. Miniature pay rise to go with.
  • PRINCE2 – qualified in a week, hurrah! Mentioned next because it helped get the pay rise… priorities amirite.

2019 goal: feel happy and productive at work.


  • Eight weeks of improv classes done – and developed a taste for more!
  • Finished intermediate Japanese – on to upper intermediate. I’m excited to have started Wanikani in advance of our honeymoon. According to the stats I could have almost 1,000 kanji down by the end of June!
  • Brewed own beers to own recipes! And they’ve been very successful! Some minor tweaks to be making, lessons learned on the draft craft draughts. Ho ho.

2019 goal: continue improv, Japanese, and brewing!


  • Regular blogging (avg. 3x/week for last >6 months)! I’d call that a successful habit formed. Now I need to dedicate more ‘care’ to it and perhaps refine my purpose a little more. I’ll be reviewing what’s worked and what hasn’t.
  • Got some real writing done; no completions but solid progress. Including towards an ode to my birth grandfather, capturing the sparse memories I have of him.
  • Kicked off & made a creative getaway happen! A week of escape, to focus on writing. I got so much done here, I am so pleased with what I produced – I’m now refining and adding to it. And I made (and reaffirmed) some great friendships.

2019 goal: refocus the novel and work towards completing it; maintain blog and short story writing.


  • Accomplished some serious ‘wedmin‘…
  • 1 year meat-free!
  • Travel:
    • Germany (Essen)
    • Spain (Andalucia)
    • Italy (Rome)
    • Portugal (Porto, Lisbon)
    • France (Paris)

And some things I let slide this year to make this happen:

  • Book-reading: I’ve picked up a fair few books this year that I’ve genuinely enjoyed reading the first 20-40 pages of, but apparently my capacity for reading has shrunk to long train journeys. Time to reverse that, particularly if I’m going to be a good writer.
  • Piano playing: Not even touched the piano this year, except to dust it twice.
  • Spanish: My Spanish has atrophied quite badly, which was plain to me in Andalucia. Not that I need my Spanish to be as good as it has been in the past, but I could at least make myself watch 5 minutes of news a week or something.

Not such a bad list of sacrifices – I probably also lost a bit of sanity in the works but that’s the same every year! Next year, I will be attempting to continue all this stuff and try to pick up the dropped balls. Or um, words to that effect. No need for any more ‘new’ in 2019 for me – I think the mid-year wedding and marriage will be enough!!



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