Styles: Wrapping presents

I keep trying to find new ways to wrap presents every year. Most things I give end up being weird shapes, and short of putting everything in perfect cuboidal boxes (expensive) this year I learned how to make those pouches out of wrapping paper.

Then I got excited and bought sealing wax and stamps, except those won’t be delivered until January. So I also bought 100 tiny baubles and a ton of white and gold string. I wanted to find that clear plastic to wrap stuff in but a modicum of sense kicked in and I realised I probably was enjoying this more than the targets of my affection will.


I’m not really that fussed about Xmas, but I do enjoy the spirit of the time of year. I think it’s important to have a time when we promise to see our families and friends. Even though it’s often a huge hassle and struggle to prepare for, secretly we quite enjoy thinking about our loved ones, hoping they’ll like what we get them. Looking forward to seeing them, spending a few days doing little other than “quality time”.

Every year I say I’ll be more organised. As a qualified project manager I really don’t have much of an excuse not to be. I say I’ll get my paper in January, in the sales. How wonderful would that be, except we have literally no space in our flat. I am hindered by the practicalities of life. I don’t have a spacious house in the country with a dedicated cupboard where all of my gift giving supplies can go. Most of it is being given over to storing some of our wedding beer. Some of it is centrepieces.

Even that, I’ve put rather more of my heart and soul into than I probably should. It’s the little things that make up a wedding to the couple getting married (or at least to one of them!) but, as I have received the advice of many times, no one will remember these things except for the magic of the day itself.

But amongst all the ‘sage advice’, I remember that I do these things because I like doing them. I enjoy planning and crafting and making silly things that people can take away, even if… or especially if they’re a little bit imperfect, because that’s my mark.

There’s that tale of the Japanese potter who makes the perfect pot in seconds, then pushes his thumb into it because no pot should be ‘perfect’. Perfection is soulless.

So let my bright, fun, and most definitely imperfect gift wrapping bring some joy to people, and even if they ignore it, I’ve had my fun through doing it.


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