Styles: Cocktail of the Month (Dec)

Greetings again! After just a few days, I’ve returned to bring you another of my creations.

This one I stumbled across while searching for something to do with grappa. A challenge I generally enjoy is finding ways to make alcohols that some people aren’t sure about and make them palatable by mixing them into interesting and characterful drinks.

This is certainly one of them.

Looking a little like coke, and perhaps not tasting too far from ‘Dr. Pepper’, it celebrates the dark days of winter now that we’re truly in its clutches.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you

Darker Days

25ml Cafe XO Patron (or other coffee liqueur)cotmdec18
50ml Grappa (I used Luigi Francoli’s Moscato e Brachetto)
25ml Aperol
50ml Sparkling water

The first taste is the sweet coffee hit from the coffee tequila, luring you into its darkness. Before long, the winey tang of the grappa jumps in shouting SURPRISE like the well co-ordinated friends at a well-organised birthday party. The aperol lurks near the back, making sure everything runs to plan.

Best enjoyed slowly, and do top up with sparkling water if you still find the grappa a bit much. It’s a strong one!


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