Styles: More Wedding Planning

It’s been a wee while since I blogged about this – when I last wrote about it I was happy and excited and zazzed (yep, zazzed) to go. I loved planning. I was leaping into action and looking at all the stuff and all the things.

Now we have 232 days to go, according to Bridebook. That’s about 7.5 months (our date moved back by almost a full month since the last time I posted).

I’m still finding a lot of joy in the planning and execution of my plans, but there have been a number of frustrations along the way, including:

  • Having to relax our rules on attendance because we want our friends there but some of them will have babies – we’ve made our peace with this and at least we stand firm on ‘no children’ – because we want a boozy event and no risk of stepping on small toes!
  • Having to change our date to our fourth choice due to prior commitments – we had no idea that people had planned so much in advance of us! That said, I’m actually happier with our new date – midsummer is pretty cool as a time to get wed!
  • Having to change our venue because our first choice wouldn’t let us bring our own booze – new one has a corkage fee but it’s per head so turns out fairly acceptable.

And then there are some more general gripes:

  • People who offer unsolicited/unwanted advice and you have to nod and smile and say how great their ideas are before you go do the exact opposite
  • Relatives who are getting worked up over some details far too early (some of which have already been taken care of)
  • Having to cut people I really want to be there but we just can’t afford to expand any bigger until some people say ‘no’

And, joyously, some lovely and/or incredible things:

  • Brewing beer with friends is a wonderful pastime that I’d like to continue to do more than just for the wedding
  • Independent cake makers are amazing – in fact, in general, smaller companies have been the nicest to deal with (I suppose they have to be)
  • Solicited advice has been amazing and sparked some great ideas and previously unavailable choices
  • My family and my family-to-be are bloody amazing and super supportive. #blessed, and not even ironically
  • I’m really enjoying creating the details – soon the planning phase will start to fade out a bit and I can delegate more things and start making stuff!

Overall it’s been a really positive experience so far – the main problem is trying to navigate a normal life at the same time (along with all of the ridiculous things I normally do)!

More photos as cheeky previews:



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