Styles: Hair

I’m growing my hair out again.

Not like this. Probably.

Eleven years ago!

In fact, the aim is to not have anything like what I’ve had before. I’ll probably aim for a chin-to-shoulder length final result; and I’m also conscious that I have 8 months until I will have hundreds of photos taken of me to be looked at over and over again until I die, so I need to have a hairstyle I’m happy with.

I prefer my look with longer hair, and I grow some lovely soft hair. My fiancé calls it ‘Asian hair’ because it’s super fine and wiry, but very soft. Perhaps that is Asian – my mum (Trinidadian, but Indian origin rather than Creole) has very soft, fine and wiry hair. I imagine it’s also a diet thing, but I’ve changed my diet drastically since I had long hair the last time and it’s still growing just as soft, so I can’t imagine the core protein structures are that different. Some people claim that what you eat changes how wavy/etc. it grows, but mine has always been dead straight.

I’m trying out new techniques as it grows, and I recently acquired a set of hot rollers and a sugar spray so I can make waves. Literally. (I’m assuming you haven’t grown tired of my dumb puns by now and that if you have you’re off reading something else, otherwise good luck to you.)

So here’s my first attempt at the current length.

Wavy fun times

I hope it gets better as it grows, and I hope it starts obeying me for longer (perhaps I’m not using enough product, but I don’t like sacrificing softness), and I also hope it gets to my desired length in time for the wedding – 8 months is several inches, no?


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