Reasons: Autumn

Autumn is one of those seasons that falls heavily on my mind (and I make no apology for the forced pun). I would say that I had a love/hate relationship with the season, but in fairness, I love most things about autumn. The main thing I dislike is the knowledge that the dog days are over. Winter is coming.

So with that mindset, let’s review some of the great things about autumn.

  1. Summer is wonderful, but dem scarves/jackets tho.
    I love the warmth of summer. It requires minimal preparation to leave the house, and there’s nothing like the feeling of sun on skin. But we’ve not really tried as a society to develop interesting summer clothes, have we? The best thing I saw someone wearing this year was a t-shirt that was more a kind of very intricate wrap which didn’t properly cover everything. (It was hot and fashion-wise I’ve thought of little else than having a) one just like it and b) a body good enough to pull it off.). Enter: Autumn. Not so cold that no one can see us beneath all the itchy wool, but stylish jackets and shirts are suddenly possible. I can wear boots and pretty scarves and feel glamorous.
  2. It’s often still bright and warm; only November is dark (and mostly because the clocks go back). And even then you can start using twinkly lights. The turning point is often about 23-25 October, when the temperature decides it can’t break 15°C. And we don’t notice too much because of the approach of #5. November is also quite distracting because of fireworks and bonfires, and its when I do my Xmas shopping to avoid the panic. (Sugar… better start planning my trip!)
  3. It’s not so warm that I’m sweating everywhere, at the slightest consideration of physical activity. While it does get a bit windy (making cycling a little trickier), I feel there are generally only two seasons I feel okay going out for a run – spring and autumn. Indeed, cycling to work is nicest in spring and autumn; the other two seasons make you sweat (either by sun or a mandate for many layers).
  4. Colours and leaves and so pretty oh my! Autumn wins for just being beautiful. I am always blown away by the colours of this time of year (and the wind. Boom boom!). The only other time of year this tends to occur is, again, spring – when we’ve had so much grey and white that I’m dying for a new colour – green. Autumn is like that, but instead of one colour, it gives a myriad of shades from yellow-golds to red-browns.
  5. Hallowe’en. I bloody love hallowe’en. This year’s a bit strange because I’m in Germany for ‘hallowe’en weekend’, but I’ll be here for the day itself and I’m desperately wondering how I’ll accessorise for my volunteering day at the school I govern, while hoping for lots of #7 through the day and in the evening for a mini Hallowe’en party (thanks friends).
  6. Change is in the air and it’s motivating. I find autumn one of the easiest seasons to pull up my socks and get a lot of shit done. This year, that’s been applying for jobs, wedding planning, booking holidays, writing, brewing, and finally doing That Household Thing You’ve Meant To Do Since January.
  7. Pumpkin flavoured goods and the increased use of cinnamon and related spices. I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, roasted butternut squash, roasted vegetables in general, and then you have your pumpkin spice lattes (the Only thing I bother to go to Starbucks for), and cinnamon EVERYWHAR. So good.
  8. Drinking teas and coffees becomes more pleasurable. See previous comments on temperature. My old neighbour once told me some BS about why you should drink tea in summer to cool down because it raises your body temperature and makes you sweat more. Yeahbut… then you’re raising your body temperature more. So you’re just making it do more work and take longer to get there. I don’t put cold water in a kettle to make it heat up faster now, do I? Anyway. Want to feel warmed up? Don’t be my neighbour. Drink some fucking tea.

So if you, like me, suffer a bit from the seasons (for me, that’s seasonal depression and psoriasis) – take the comforts where you can get them. As ‘The Radio’ sings, do ‘Whatever Gets You Through Today’. As long as that’s not murder, rape or arson. You probably shouldn’t rob any banks or hurt people either. Hey, you know what you’re doing. Just keep on doin’ that.


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