Styles: Cocktail of the Month

As the evenings draw in and autumn is in full swing, I start to opt for ‘warm feeling’ drinks.

I’m a big fan of adding nut flavours to coffee. The medium-dark roast is the sweet spot, where the acidity has already piqued and is on the downwards slope, and more of the cereals and nuts come through from the roast. Alternatively, I’m also fine with forcing it if I’m stuck with a mainstream cafe like Starbucks or Costa.

This is another one for those of you who enjoy playing with specific gravities. The rum will float, but the frangelico and coffee tequila are very sugary and will sink to the bottom. So, if you want to create a spectacle, put the milk in first and pour the liqueurs down the side of the glass.

The Nutty Pirate

Like I said in the preceding paragraph, order is key for a good look – but for a good taste, you’ll want to shake it up (or at least stir it)! So, add in the order below. The only thing that needs to sink to the bottom is the coffee tequila, but if you add both of the other liquids and stir, you could raise the gravity of the milk too high and it might not sink so easily. Try and make mistakes! Nail it!octcock

Ice (3-4 cubes)
75 ml Almond milk (I use the one by ‘rude health’ because I think it’s the best tasting; get the ordinary brown packet one though; the ‘ultimate’ one isn’t sweet enough and is a bit powdery)
25 ml Cafe XO Patron
25 ml The Kraken spiced rum
25 ml Frangelico



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