Styles: Cocktail of the Month

It’s September! (Actually, September’s nearly gone!)

And what are we drinking this month?

The equinox is such a turning point in the year. Granted, this is my least favourite of the two equinoxes – a time when the weather is darkening and summer becomes more of a memory than a reality – though at the vernal equinox I’ve usually lost all hope that summer is ever coming back!

It’ll be a while before the weather gets cold, so in the meantime we have a month or two of “okay if a little windy jacket-wearing weather”. Again, this is better than March, which only brings promises yet to be fulfilled. And my birthday (which is increasingly something I don’t look forward to!). But promises nonetheless.

So, in the spirit of memories and lingering heat, here is my offering for September!


The Equinox

50 ml Japanese Sake
25 ml Cointreau (or triple sec)
25 ml Ginger liqueur (e.g. The King’s Ginger)
25 ml Campari bitters
Juice of half a lime
Top up with sparkling water
Garnish with rosemary

Enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn.


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