Reasons: Wedding

At last, I have started planning for my future wedding with my fiancé in earnest.


Yes, we are finally in a position where we can think about wedding stuff.

In many ways I am thoroughly enjoying myself, though I’m already stressing out about things like securing our chosen venue on our target date, making sure we have Save the Dates (I keep trying to abbreviate that one – trust me, the little ‘t’ isn’t distinctive enough) ready as soon as the venue is confirmed, hoping we can secure the Ceilidh band we want, pinning down an officiant…

…but what better than to blog about the planning as I do it!

Most checklists tell me I’m starting from behind, which is rather unhelpful – in some ways planning takes as long as the time you have available to do it. I suppose 12 months is the general ‘average’ for how long people are engaged, but that doesn’t really apply to us, as we’ve been engaged for nearly two and a half years (it’ll have been just over three years when we get married).

We’re starting with eight and a half months to plan (or 258 days, as the app I’m using (‘Bridebook’) likes to tell me!) and I’m trying to condense the various checklists into a project plan.


It’s so much fun putting all of it together. Coming up with the ideas, drafting and refining our guest lists, contacting our friends who have an appropriate skill. Getting quotes is the scary part, especially as it looks like we will exceed our budget a bit.

So, my tasks for the week are to nail down the venue and band, and commission the StDs (har har); then following that I’ll be mailing them out, then I’ll get to work on catering and booze, and then hopefully it’ll be time for a nice day out shopping for wedding suits with my guysmaids/groomsfolk! At which point, I’ll be ‘all caught up’ on tasks by the high standards of the online checklists..!

Stay tuned!



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