Styles: Cocktail of the Month

Writing cocktail related posts a little late seems to be becoming a trend. As far as two of anything can ever be a trend. #ACoincidenceIsntAPattern #LearnWhileYouDrink

This month, as we come to the end of the series of heatwaves that have assailed our less-than-verdant shores, I was inspired by barbecue season and decided to create something smoky with only the liqueurs I have sitting at home.

I also decided to play with the specific gravities of the liquids (more #LearnWhileYouDrink). You can achieve the same effect by pouring the rum onto the floating ice cubes. This breaks the initial fall of the rum and allows it to swim beautifully on top.

The overall flavour profile is very bitter, so if you feel like toning it down, I suggest adding more lemon juice, and adjusting the ratio of mezcal and rum to ginger. Joven mezcal is fruity/smoky and adds its own sweetness from the agave.

So, I bring you August’s #CocktailoftheMonth:

Smoky Sailor


25 ml Mezcal joven (I used the one by Oaxacan mezcaleria Los Danzantes)
25 ml King’s Ginger (ginger liqueur)
25 ml Dark spiced rum (I used the Kraken for its really dark colour)

1/2 lemon, squeezed
100 ml sparkling water
Mint garnish


Add all of the ingredients into the glass, bar the rum and mint. Carefully pour the rum on top of the ice cubes to achieve the ‘float’ effect. Or not, whatever – it all goes down the same anyways.


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