Styles: Bling-a-ling

I like jewellery with a story, or some semblance of meaning. Most, if not all of the pieces I wear regularly has one.

Most of you have seen my rings (showcased with my latest nails).


The ring I wear on my index finger is an encore to a ring I had stolen from a gymbox (which is the main reason I choose not to fritter away my money on gyms). The original ring was made with £200 left to me by my (birth) great grandma, but in some respects I was grateful for the opportunity to update it. The new version, designed by @kvdpdesign, stays much truer to the concept I had in mind when I first commissioned the ring from a York-based silversmith. It consists of oak leaves that surround the ring, with three garnets set in rose gold representing acorns. The family connection? That our great family came from humble origins.

My engagement ring of course means a great deal to me. The bee motif which occurs in a few of my accessories came about when my fiancé started calling me ‘bee’ because of the way I like to stay busy: work hard, play hard.

My ‘dangle’ earring collection, below, contains another bee. I have another one on a leather thong that I wear as a pendant.


The cogs follow a similar thought process, but they also allude to my career in science and technology (currently working in advanced manufacturing). I find the cog a very appealing symbol; each one is crucially important to the rest of the machine, be they neighbours or not – yet equally they are useless on their own, and each fits a specific gap.

The triangular knot, bought in Lisbon, represents the duality of simplicity and complexity; science and instinct. I bought it at a time when I was feeling disrupted and out of sync with everything. Its beauty reminds me that the path is not a straight one. I particularly like the colour made from oxidising the top layer of the silver, a technique also used to create the feather, which has then had details added by strategically removing the oxidised layer.

The samurai sword is a connection to my interests, presently Japan, but also embodies my previous practice of karate/kobudo and stage combat.

The icosahedron, like the sword, in some ways identifies me as a gamer (I like a bit of Dungeons & Dragons, but I also have a significant board game collection and a few video games), but also again as a scientist and mathematician. It’s analytical, and as it spins it creates different shapes, almost religious.

The feather quill is one of the most special to me. It signposts me as a writer. I wear this earring most often when I am feeling like I need to remind myself of my sense of direction and purpose. It was a gift from my birth mum, an artist who has through perseverance and talent has pushed through with her beautiful paintings to earn prestigious titles, awards, and importantly, the vast majority of her living. She is my inspiration, and publishing my writing is my aspiration.

I’d better get on it, then!

Rings and feather earring by @kvdpdesign.
Triangular knot earring by Bergue & Co #bergueandco.
Cog earring by @tattydevine.
Bee earring by @henryka_jewellery
Icosahedron earring by @angelwearcreations
Samurai earring by @geralingioielli.


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