Styles: Greenfinger


He’s the man, the man with the flower box
A trailing box
Such a keen finger
Beckons you to help him pot coriander
And eat fresh basiiiiilll….


I’ve never been good with plants. Watering them, feeding them, and remembering to re-pot them if they grow too big.

Perhaps mine are a sign that I should be out on the balcony more often – then I would remember to water them daily! That’s no excuse, is it? We live in a world of online calendars and alarms on our phone that should theoretically make it nigh-on impossible to forget to do things, and yet!

(24 June)

Another problem I have is spiders. They love to weave webs between everything, including the poor plants themselves. Spiders are great, useful creatures for controlling the insect population, and particularly where we live, overlooking a public park by the Thames – but I don’t want them making their homes in my flower box!

Garden pride (and lavender)

My lavender has already encouraged a few more bees – they do seem to love a purple flower. I need some fresh ideas for plant care and perhaps a second balcony box, so I’ll make sure to revisit this topic soon with my findings. My fingers are a little yellow-brown at the moment, from not being a keen enough waterer!

For now, here’s a picture taken this evening of my junior ‘hanging garden’; not quite Babylon yet. I’m off to set a watering alarm.

(13 July)

Moar tips pls.



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