Styles: Cocktail of the Month

Firstly, I’m late. (It’s Friday.)

What better way to celebrate #ThirstyThursday (after all, every day is a thirsty day) than with a cocktail of the month?

For July, I’ve been looking at refreshing, light and aromatic cocktails that you can enjoy in the sun. This month’s hit comes from Portugal, more specifically from Porto.

Here is my gentle twist on their classic, the Porto Tonico, with its naturally fruity and reinvigorating grape notes, which I’ve combined with the floral subtlety of elderflower. I find myself whisked away to Mediterranean climes every time.

Porto Tonico Botanico


50 ml White Port (I recommend Ferreira Blanco Classico which I bought while over there, but Waitrose sell Cockburn’s White Port for £12.95)
150 ml Tonic Water (I recommend Fever Tree ‘Refreshingly Light’ Mediterranean Tonic Water, which comes in perfect 150 ml can size)
25 ml Elderflower liqueur (St. Germain is ideal, but equally the Elderflower liqueur by Chase will work just as well)
Ice & A Slice

Easy enough; put everything in the glass. Ice, port, elderflower, tonic, lemon slice.

For those wishing to turn down the alcohol content slightly, switch out the elderflower liqueur for cordial (Waitrose do a light own-brand elderflower cordial).

The gorgeous honeyed yellow of the Porto Blanco really shines in the July sun.



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